4 Misconceptions About Weight Loss

All of us have at some stage or the other wanted to lose weight. To attain our goals of shedding a few pounds we turn to skipping meals, reducing our calories intake or even taking up some form of physical activity. Some information that we possess about weight loss are wrong.

So here are some commonly mistaken facts about weight loss:

Turning Vegan can make you lose weight :- Just because you turn into a vegetarian doesn’t mean you will land up losing a ton of weight. There are fatty options in vegetarian food as well. A healthy vegan diet can make you lose weight. But again just because you eat food that is vegetarian doesn’t mean you will shed any weight.

Portions of healthy food don’t make a difference :- You might have cut out all the junk food from your diet but you’re still wondering why you’re not losing any weight. The reason might be that you aren’t controlling the portions of the healthy food. Just because fruits are considered healthy, you can wolf down an entire bucket of mangoes. Cheeses in moderation are great but trust me when I tell you that you should limit their intake to about a couple hundred grams.

Working out gives you the license to eat anything :- Just because you are working out it doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want and in unspecified quantities. You must always remember the reason behind you working out. You are working out to lose weight. So avoid letting loose and over eating giving you the excuse of working out. Do not undo whatever good you have done at the gym.

Walking solves all your problems :- Walking is one of the more relaxed forms of physical activity. Do not expect miracles just by walking. You have to club it with some other rigorous form of physical activity such as a gym workout or cycling or any other activity of your interest. So if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight and cut a few inches from your waist you surely need to step up your physical activity that does not only include walking.

Lose Weight Without Even trying

Weight reduction has been a task now-a-days for everyone in the day to day life. The extra pounds on the body lead oneself to go under rigorous workouts and diets. This has made the person miss the daily happiness, the taste buds, and a life of course. If someone told you that there are simpler ways of losing weight; it will be of great help to all the people in the world, especially women around. The health experts around the world suggest people to bring a change in their lifestyle. It is essential to break the conventional routine in order to lose that extra pound. The health experts advise people to lose weight without even trying hard.

Here are the few easy steps to lose weight without even trying

Addition V/s Subtraction :- Experts says that subtracting food from the daily diet is never going to help. In fact, the dieting plan of skipping meals is a harmful way of doing so. Instead, add some interesting foods like fruits, fibers, veggies, and keep a check on the calories.

Enjoy Working Out :- Work out and exercising often scare people a lot. They come up with endless reasons for avoiding this. Hence, it is essential to accept the fact and initiate the workout regimen. One can indulge in activities like cycling, dancing, playing with pets, etc. These activities bring enormous pleasure and help in losing weight without making much efforts.

Walking :- Remember the idea of walking and talking. It is indeed a practical way of losing pounds of weight. It is advisable to walk while one is hooked on phone call. Park your car a little ahead from venue and walk. Get down few stops before your home and walk. Walking energizes the nerves and muscles which in turn aid in churning out excessive fats.

Sharing is Caring :- When you go out and order a dish, share it with your friend, spouse, or anyone. The alike sharing helps you in eating in equal proportions with enjoyment.

Lose Today, Preserve Tomorrow :- It is a tough task to lose weight while it is easy to gain one. However, it is even tougher to maintain the weight loss. So if you have the right source of energy to lose weight, the same energy and activities can be used to maintain the weight loss.

Does Drinking Ice Water Burn Calories

Drinking water, warm or cold, has beneficial properties. There have been various theories regarding the temperature of water though. Some believe that warm water is beneficial to health while another section conclude that drinking cold water does the trick. In fact a theory that has been popular is that cold water, in fact, ice water, can actually burn calories. There have been many conflicting and agreeing theories regarding the concept though. Let us take a look the rationale behind the statement.

Cold water and burnt calories

The concept that cold water can burn calories stems from the fact that our body releases more energy to warm the cold water and this energy comes from burning of fats. Some studies have also come to this conclusion after calculating the grams in a single ounce of water and then finding out the calories required to raise the temperature of each ounce. Thus a study has calculated that if a person consumed 64 ounces of water a day, 70 calories will be burnt. Now that’s quite something!

The science behind it is that our body has to maintain 98.6 degrees as its basic temperature. So, depending upon the external conditions, the body either cools down or warms up to maintain this temperature. Metabolism too burns fuel to help body reach this temperature. When one drinks ice water, metabolism speeds up and thus burning calories, though a small amount.

The concept of brown fat

It is said that cold water can activate brown fat in the body, which can affect weight. The brown fat is good in spending energy, thus helping burn calories. When body is cold, this fat is activated, leading to loss in calories. Though some studies do say that dipping feet in cold water or bathing in cold water can activate brown fat, there has not been any mention of any connection between brown fat and drinking ice cold water. Anyway, the concept of brown fat is still under investigation.

Drinking water and fat loss

Another benefit of drinking ice water before meals is that water makes stomach full and one tends to eat less. Also, during summer season, instead of having ice cream or cold drinks, you can have cold water. This helps preventing build up of fats in the body.

Drinking more water helps prevent water retention too, thus reducing any puffiness. It is also believed that having ice water after exercise is good because cold water can regulate body’s temperature. Cold water is also quickly absorbed by the body. Even cold showers can help body raise its temperature which burns calories.

Things About Flat Belly Diet

Diets if followed scientifically can definitely help in reducing weight. Before following any diet it is essential to learn about side effects if any and the right procedure. Those who have any illness should consult their doctors before starting on any diet.

One of the diet plans that have attracted much attention is the Flat Belly Diet. As the name goes, this diet helps in burning fat and thus making the belly flat.

The Flat Belly Diet

It advocates eating a diet that is less in calories but with high MUFA or Monounsaturated Fat. The diet makers also claim that with the help of this diet, it is possible to get a flat belly and that not exercise needs to be done. The diet duration is prescribed to be 32 days, just about a month. MUFAs are believed to cut down fats in the belly and also prevent overeating, as per the diet course. The Flat Belly Diet is created by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass, the former being Prevention Magazine Editor and the latter, a dietician.

MUFAs are plant-based fats, the sources of which are avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds and even chocolate. Saturated fats are harmful for heart health but MUFAs soften blood vessels.

The diet plan consists of a four-day and a four-week plan, the former is the ‘anti-bloat’ plan and the latter, details an eating plan. The good thing about the Flat Belly Diet is that it advocates a healthy diet, such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds and more.

Some Questions Remain

Though the creators of Flat Belly Diet plan insist on its scientific viability and effectiveness, questions and doubts remain. First, is whether the diet plan which emphasizes the efficiency of MUFAs is really beneficial for the health of the heart. Experts who have studied the diet plan in detail believe that if the diet plan delivers what it promises, that is cutting down belly fat, then it can indeed be good for heart.

Second question is if the diet can really help in controlling blood sugar levels. MUFAs are known to alleviate blood sugar levels and manage insulin, which can reduce the risk of diabetes. The other question is that if those suffering from diabetes can practice the diet.

If the diet as it is believed to be in the Mediterranean-style, can really help in preventing diabetes or heart diseases, is another doubt.

10 Small Changes for More Weight Loss

Slow and steady wins the race. Studies have shown that people with more realistic goals and do not rush themselves to lose weight are usually more successful at losing weight.If you suddenly stop eating junk food all of a sudden, chances are that you will crave the same and cheat on your diet. So when you slowly make changes, you instead slowly cut down on your junk food consumption week by week.As you gradually follow these changes, they will grow onto you and become a habit.

So make the following tiny changes to your daily routine to lose more weight:

Food Journal :- Maintain a diary of all the food you have eaten in the day, also mentioning the calories in each item. Studies have shown that people are likely to twice the amount of weight by maintaining a food journal.

Take the stairs :- Don’t be lazy. Skip the elevator and instead head to the stairway. Climbing 2-3 floors of staircases can help in weight loss.

Use a pedometer :-A pedometer shows you how many steps you have walked in a day, distance along with the calories lost. Its use on a daily basis encourages you to walk more. Hence, more weight loss.

1-Mile rule :- Do not use the car to go places within a one mile radius. Instead walk to your closest grocery store or laundry store.Remember burn those calories and not gas!

Ditch the juices :- Opt to eat fruits instead of filling up on juices. Fruits contain more fiber and can keep you going longer. You feel fuller when you eat as compared to drinking.

5 minutes more :-Everyday increase your physical activity by 5 minutes. You should increase till you reach a minimum workout time of 30 minutes a day.

TV commercial workout :- Choose to skip, hop, run and jump in between those 2-minute commercials of your favorite TV shows. The best part is you won’t even feel it much. This habit can help you love weight in a fun way.

Ten minutes to eat a treat :- Spend an entire ten minutes to eat your treats, so that you don’t up craving for more. Bite, chew and let it languish in your mouth for several minutes, while you decide whether you really need to move on to the next bite of the treat and whether you really need those extra calories or not.

Get a good night rest :- Even a few nights sleeplessness can result in weight gain. So relax, keep your stress at bay and turn out the lights sooner than usual. Sleep more and see the difference in your weight.

No frills coffee :- Do not indulge in heavy cream based caffeine drinks. Instead opt for low calorie old fashioned coffee, with or without milk and sugar.A daily habit of ditching your fancy coffee’s can help you lose weight miraculously.