5 Ways to Combat Fear of Flying

How many times have you declined a promotion because it involved going to a place that required air travel? Have you missed out on an international education because of your fear of air travel? Do not worry. You are not alone. There are hundreds of people who face the same jitters when faced with the prospect of travelling by air.

Anxiety can be a problem to cope with in air travel. Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear of flying:

Know what to expect :- You might be flying for the first time so read about the real experiences of flying from posts written by other passengers. In this techno era you can log onto certain websites and even listen to the sounds you might expect on your flight that range from the sounds and bumps of take-off to even the announcements at the airport.

Trust the airline and how safe it really is :- Just because you have read about a few air crashes doesn’t make flying really dangerous. Come to think about it, hundreds of people die of motor accidents all over the world. There is not particular safety threat to flying.

Pretend :-Imagine that you are somewhere else. For example pretend that you are travelling by bus. Close your eyes and imagine that you are travelling by bus. This helps in reducing the fear and anxiety.

Distract yourself :-Stop worrying about flying. Be prepared and bring a book to read or play a game on your iPad or phone. You can even strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. The key is to keep your brain busy and not give it time to worry about the flying experience.

Visit your doctor for sedatives or anti-anxiety pills:-If none of the above works, don’t beat yourself about it. Simply visit your doctor and explain the situation. Most likely he will prescribe you a few doses of anti-anxiety pills or sedatives.

When and How To Say NO

How often have we been caught in a situation where you don’t want to commit to doing something but then you don’t think it’s polite to refuse? First things first, you cannot please everyone.Have there been instances when you have been asked to host repeated office parties or even baby sit their daughter when you neck deep in work?The guilt of no is always there, but you have to learn to be a little selfish and put yourself first.You have to learn when to draw the line and decide whether the request made is in your ability and does not do damage to you as a person.People feel embarrassed to say no to their near and dear friends and family. But if you feel it in your head that you want to refuse then go ahead and do it. Don’t have second thoughts and get cold feet. Voice your thoughts, though it’s easier said than done.

Why to say no?

Why should you have to say no? Think about these few pointers and get the courage to really spell it out:

1. Saying yes all the time is not necessary and not healthy.
2. Saying no is not a crime.
3. If saying no gives you time or any other interest, then why not.
4. Others will have a backup plan if you refuse.

There is no set of rules to help determine when one should actually say no.

There are some things that you cannot get back – your time, money, life and health. So learn to prioritize the requests and then take a call.

Saying no is not that difficult once you set your mind to it.

When to say no?

There is no simpler way to say no than the actual word itself. Its easy.

Here are some pointers on how to say no:

1.Say No
2. Be firm
3. Be honest
4. Say it fast and don’t keep them waiting
5. Give a reason if you want to
6. No need to give detailed explanations
7. Be polite and respectful
8. Don’t hesitate to repeat saying asked no again
9. If you can’t say no upfront in the particular situation, then offer to think or sleep on it, being non committal.

Saying no is not an easy task, especially if you’re used to saying yes all the time. But it’s never too late. Learn to say no. Saying no can help make your life less complicated.

Interesting ways to find joy in your life

In today’s stressful life, it is very important to find a joy and be happy. Everyone wants to be happy. To overcome the problems in life such as depression, stress, being happy is the best solution. The definition of happiness differs from person to person. There are different ways to get the joy and feel happy.

Look out these 10 simple ways, which brings happiness in your life

Laugh :- It is the best way to reduce fear, stress, depression and anxiety. Smiling really makes us feel better in any situation. Share silly jokes with your kids, watch a funny movie with family. Laughter helps you relax muscles and to keep away negative emotions.

Do the things that you like most :- In your daily routine, do the things that you always wanted to do. It may be listening to favorite music, reading a book, watching a movie, singing up or anything else. Whatever makes you happy, do it always.

Spend time with family and close friends :- You will feel relax and happy, when you spend time with family and friends. Spending time with close ones is very valuable and it helps us to boost our mood and feel happy. You will get more happiness through social involvement.

Help someone :- Helping someone is not only beneficial for that person, but also it increases your self esteem. It is a very good feeling, when you see the smiles on someone’s face because of you.

Meditation :- By meditating, you will realize its positive effects on your physical and mental well being. So give some time to yourself to calm your mind.

Love yourself :-Give Love yourself and others too. You can realize the magic of love and you feel very happy in the life.

Exercise :-A workout creates metabolic changes in the body and helps to improve self esteem. What’s more, you feel like you have achieved something great.

Have a fun:- Thrilling and exciting life surely makes us enjoy it. Do everything with passion and enjoy every moment.

Say goodbye to worrying:-Most of the times, we worry about what others think and will say about us. Furthermore, we spend time worrying about the things, which have not happened yet. Worrying about such things, does not actually change it. But it will surely limit the happiness. So stop worrying and enjoy the life.

Do not compare with others:- Be positive. Do not compare yourself to others for anything. Because you will always find people with smarter looks, powerful brain and more money. Comparing with others always give you pain. Rather invest time in thinking what good things you have done in your life. Think about your skills and assetrys.

Growing popularity of relaxation drinks

The level of anxiety is growing in an average human being given so many challenging situations he or she has to face every day. In these times of tough competition, every person has to run in the race to stay ahead and in order to survive. Slowly and gradually, these people seem rooted in their hectic lifestyles, stress, anxiety, etc with little or no time for relaxation. There is no instant remedy of solution to this problem. It is not as if popping some pills will help you to stay relaxed in a long run. Staying relaxed is possible only when a person cultivates good habits and takes out some precious time for his or her own. This lack of “me” time is also leading towards soaring anxiety levels. People who are unable to find this time are seeking other ways through which they can get some help. Growing trend of relaxing drinks is an indication of this phenomenon.

Today, the industries manufacturing relaxation drinks are raking in a lot of money and have gained prominence as a $100 million industry. Also referred to as anti energy drinks, these relaxation drinks consists of an amalgam of several supplements, herbs, amino acids and botanicals that were used in earlier times as well as calming agents. These drinks meant for relaxation are the very first attempt for blending these ingredients into a liquid form. These are then packaged and marketed as relaxation drinks which are touted as perfect solution for combating stress.

Drinking has always been popularised as a major stress buster. Alcohol has been a major relaxation drink being used since times immemorial. Even today, many professionals who are engaged in complicated jobs that are full of stress look forward to wine accompanies with dinner or their favourite daily nightcap. In many households, tea is drunk as a relaxation drink. This tradition is seen in many countries of the world and its history goes way back. The reason behind tea acting as a relaxant is the ingredient found in it, theanine. This ingredient is considered to be responsible for calming nerves and acting as an anti anxiety substance.

These days, a lot of things are added to these relaxation drinks that are available in the market. Some of the major ingredients are theanine, valerian root, 5-HTP, GABA and melatonin. All these ingredients are believed to have a vital role in anxiety management. They also help in inducing sleep. A popular herb, Valerian root has been used for treating insomnia. Anxiety and nervousness is reduced significantly by consuming this ingredient. Theanine which is found in black tea helps in the relaxation of brain nerves which in its turn helps in relieving anxiety. Tranquillity is increased by GABA which is a neurotransmitter. For sound sleep and bringing about an improvement in REM sleep, melatonin has proved to be quite beneficial.

Relieve Stress Through Yoga

Yoga has been the age-old and proven stress buster however, it has become the elixir of life in the 21st century. More and more people are taking up yoga for its health benefits and relief from stress. Yoga brings a balance between your mind, body and your soul and is aptly termed as the “merging with the divine”.

Yoga has been in existence from time immemorial; it originated in ancient India and has gained prominence all over the world as the best stress reliever. Swami Vivekananda and the monks of India be brought yoga to the west and spread its glory and benefits in the early 19th century.

Why is stress management Critical?

Stress management is critical if you want to lead a healthy and active life. Life is lived only once. It does not matter how long you live, but, the quality of life. Everyone works really hard to make a living and achieve success in their chosen field, hence it is imperative that they enjoy the fruits of their success .Stress will inhibit your enjoyment of life and all its offerings.

Why is yoga a better stress reliever than other forms of exercise?

From the beginning of the day till the end people are overloaded. They live on deadlines. The stress level of every individual is high. But the thought of spending time at the gym or going for a brisk walk does not seem to hold any interest after a hard day of work.

Yoga is Relaxing, Rejuvenating and life affirming. Daily yoga routine helps to improved fitness and stress relief.

Life is a potpourri, lots of things go into the mix to make it look good, and all should be in perfect harmony. Similarly, when a person gets overwhelmed by stress life becomes difficult, small everyday activities seem like a huge burden.

It is very important to know how to de-stress. Yoga teaches you to do this. The aim of yoga is to attain a state of permanent peace and to achieve tranquility of the body and mind,

Yoga helps you take a breather and manage stress and anxiety in your life. Hatha yoga and Pranayama are two forms of yoga, that helps you to de-stress

Hatha Yoga

Stress can be combated with strict physical and mental self-mastery. Yoga helps you focus on what is important and gives you clarity of thought. One of the most common forms of yoga is Hatha yoga. This form of yoga is one of the better choices for stress management people who practice hatha yoga, report high energy levels, better sleep and a great sense of well-being.

Pranayama or Meditation

This form of yoga practice breathing as an exercise. This helps to clear the mind and leave you feeling relaxed and alert at the same time. Studies have revealed practicing yoga especially pranayama sees an imminent decrease in stress levels, tension, depression, anger and hostility.