Exercise Habits that you need to Cultivate in your Teens

Habits are developed over the years. So the sooner we develop good habits the easier they will stick to us. It doesn’t just end with that. Unhealthy habits take a toll on your health in the long run. So start early to get the maximum benefits to your health.
Here are some habits that are best started early:

Drink water
Water is essential for the overall health of your body. One must drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water will flush out the toxins in your system and also help in the renewal and repair of cells in your body.

Strength training
Strength training is good for your body’s metabolism. It even improves your posture and keeps your muscles as fit as ever. Do adopt strength training in the form of lifting weights or body lifts or circuit training to maximize the strength of your body.

Don’t forget to stretch before and after a workout. Stretching helps loosen any tight muscles and help them stretch enough to do the workout easily. This habit will prevent injuries from occurring while exercising.

Listen to what your body says
If your body is telling you that it can’t take anymore exercise then do listen to what its saying. Your body has its limits. Everybody has its own capacity and limitations. Do not strain your body to a limit more than it can take. It might be a good idea to listen to your body even at meal times. Stop eating when you start feeling full instead of eating for the sake of eating.

Natural remedies to cure Sagging Breasts

I’m sure for those of you who are suffering from sagging breasts there can be nothing worse than the feeling that you look unattractive from the eyes of the male species. The market is flooded with tons of products that promise you firmer breasts. Before you try any of these commercial chemical remedies

Here are some ways to get your husband or other male friends attracted to you again:

Swimming is a natural exercise that will tone up the muscles in your bust area and make the area firmer.

Massage improves the blood circulation in the bust area and also gives mild form of exercise to the muscles that hold your breasts. You can massage the area using natural oils like olive oil, almond oil or even coconut oil. You can even massage on some Aloe Vera gel that has been used for centuries to tighten up cells.

There are some ingredients that help in toning the skin and muscles. There are a lot of ingredients available in the kitchen that can help you tighten them up.

1. Egg yolk is the best mask that you can get as it is enriched with lot in minerals and nutrients that can give your breast almost instant firmness.

2. Almost all natural face pack treatments call for cucumber. The reason behind this is the ability of cucumber to tone up your skin.

Foods that your dentist doesn’t want you to eat

We often talk about the food that is harmful for our waistline, our health etc… but often fail to discuss the food that can damage our mouth, teeth and tongue.There are a lot of foods that can damage our teeth and the interiors of our mouth. If you want to limit your dentist visits, its time you started attention on what you put in your mouth.

Here are five things that would make any dentist cringe if seen put in the mouth:

At all costs avoid biting into ice. Ice can cause a lot of tension to your teeth and the nerves that hold them in place. What’s more dangerous is the risk of cracking your teeth while biting into them.

Frozen candy bars
Some people love to chomp on frozen candy bars. Little do they know that biting into these frozen bars can strain the ligaments in their teeth and result in a fracture. Stick to melted chocolate unless you want to land up with cracked teeth.

Corn on the cob
Avoid biting into a cob directly. The silk strings of the cob are hard to get rid of and biting into the cob usually results in food getting stuck between your teeth and also causes damage to your gums. Better chop off the cob and enjoy them in that form.

Men are Destroying their Sperm

It’s not only women who suffer from infertility problems. Men are also the victim to fertility issues. The sperm plays an important role in fertilization. The lifestyle people lead today lead to the disintegration of the quality of the sperm and its production.

Here are some issues that affect his sperm levels:

Keeping their phones in the front trouser pockets
All of us know the ill effects of radiation emitted from our phones and yet we choose to keep them in our trouser or jeans pockets. It’s not all talk but research that has proved that the radiation emitted from our phones kill the sperms in his pants. So if you are worried about fertility issues, remind your guy to keep his cellphone elsewhere.

Excessive smoking
Smoking is bad for the overall health. It even affects the sperm in a negative way. Smoking apart from reducing the sperm count also prevents it from moving around.

Stress affects all our bodily functions including the production of sperms. According to a recent study, the sperm either doesn’t get produced or even if it does exist does not have the ability to travel. Rule number one for all couples who are having fertility issues is ‘to keep the stress at bay’. You reduce your chances to get pregnant drastically by taking a lot of unwanted stress on your body.

Heavy drinking
The more you drink the worse the quality of the sperm you’ll have. Drinking in general reduces the overall health of your body. So try and control the amount of alcohol you consume in a week.

Eating Tips for Runners

Runners need to take extra care of the food they eat. They cannot just eat each and everything that comes down their noses. Healthy eating is a must for runners if they want to get the best and perform the best while running.

Here are some tips that runners need to consider to adopt in their eating habits:

Go on an empty stomach
Sometimes it’s just best to go workout on an empty stomach, especially if it’s in the early morning. The exception to this rule is if you are going to do an intensive workout lasting more than one hour. So if you stay hydrated, there is nothing to fear in going to work out on an empty stomach.

Timing is the key. While you may need fuel to work out, you should not overstuff yourself just before a workout. You should give your body some time to digest the food unless you want to suffer from digestive issues. Do not eat food that is rich in fiber just before a workout as fiber takes time to digest. Carbs are the best friend of a runner. You need them to give you the energy needed for a workout.

Do not forget to hydrate. Drink lot of water. You need to compensate for all the water you lose while working out. Water flushes out all the toxins from the body along with repairing all the damage done both internally and externally to your body’s cells. Drinking water also helps you curb your hunger. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Tips to make your Soup Healthier

Every meal should start with soup. It serves the purpose of filler before you start on the main course. Sometimes soups are made with heavy cream and other fattening produce. Just because you skip these unhealthy options doesn’t mean that these soups will taste any less good.

Here’s how you can make your soups healthier without compromising on the quality of the taste.

Substitute cream with pureed vegetables
Usually cream is added to the soup to make them taste delicious. Instead of adding cream, why don’t you try adding puree of vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkin or even chickpeas? Adding these vegetable purees will not only make your soup thicker but it will also add a unique flavor.

We all love the crunchy element that comes in our soup. Crackers and soup sticks taste great but we can get to enjoy it better if we add an extra nutritional element to it. Try adding crushed nachos or toasted whole wheat toasties to the soup for that crunchy element. For a creamy topping you can try low fat Greek yogurt or sour cream.

The simplest and easiest option to making your soup healthier is just to add a bowl of vegetables to it. You can make a clear soup more interesting by adding a handful of chopped spinach or arugula.